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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

In the last couple of articles, I have talked about my journey into the sphere of silence, how silence stimulates the mind and how silence helps in the healing of mind and body, backed by the various researches.

Now the most important question arises is how to practice silence and yield the success which one desires.

During my journey, I came across a wonderful book,’In the Sphere of Silence”, authored by Datto Sri Vijay Eswaran (Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies), which is an astounding treatise on practicing silence and thereby achieving great success in accomplishing one’s goals.

Having read this book couple of times and experiencing the same, I am privileged to share more insights and the actual process to practice the sphere of silence. And this article is a tribute to this great book.

We all aim for growth in every walk of life; whether professional or personal. We do come across various conflicting situations in our life which requires us to either respond or react to them. The response time to a situation determines our actual growth. When faced by any situation, how we respond to it and that moment of deliberation determines our power of choice. In those choices lie our peace, balance, happiness and harmony. Silence inspires wise choices. Silence propels wisdom and that wisdom is required constantly as we have already saturated ourselves much in the noise.

There are two major barriers to hearing your inner self- the noise that you produce and the noise of the outside world. The sphere of silence shuts down the primary source of the noise, which is yourself. When you are too busy listening to yourself, you don’t listen to others.

In order to practice the sphere of silence, we need to dedicate one hour of ourselves everyday to be in control of the balance 23 Hours. I hereby share the practical guidelines to exercise the same.

  1. Begin the day with the sphere of silence in the wee hours of morning before sunrise. That is ideally the best time as per our ancient vedic literature and scriptures.

  2. Devote a place in your house, whether indoors or outdoors where there are absolutely no distractions and where you cannot be disturbed. Focus is very important to build the atmosphere of silence.

  3. During these 60 minutes, observe complete and absolute silence. The silence must be continuous and if it is broken, you must start again from scratch. Keep yours mobiles away strictly.

  4. Do not listen to music, watch television or a movie while practicing the sphere of silence. Don’t go to sleep. The sphere of silence is a dedicated hour.

  5. The first part of the sphere of silence is ‘the path of duty’, which is of 30 minutes. The path of duty refers to your worldly and material goals and responsibility towards career, family, society and country. First 10 minutes must be spent analyzing the last 24 hours. Go over everything that has been done, making notes in your journal on what should be improved or changed, or should be done differently. Write your goals for today in the next 10 minutes. Set your goals for next seven days, short term goals for 12 months; and long term goals for next five years in next 10 minutes.

  6. The second Part of Sphere of Silence is ‘The Path of Knowledge’, which is of 20 minutes. Read any book that will enhance your knowledge for 15 minutes; and make the notes from that book for next five minutes. Read these points next day before your continue reading the book to have the recap.

  7. The third path is ‘the path of devotion’, which is of 10 minutes. This is your private conversation with the god and is done in the way as you feel comfortable. Pray, seek and ask him the questions in your heart that needs answers. Note down your reflection of 10 minutes for your record.

Complete the 21 days Cycle, the purpose of which is to ingrain this as a habit. Being in the sphere of silence is a habit of a lifetime. Now comes the most important one; upon finishing this cycle, an attempt should be made to practice shubha mouna, which is sphere of silence practiced all day long, a day of reflection, deep thought, planning, introspection and prayer.

Make sphere of silence as your lifestyle, for which you need to practice 3 Cs;

  1. Be Consistent

  2. Be Conscientious

  3. Be Committed

Every time you practice, you compete against yourself and with every practice, You raise the level of competence.

The Conscience of a Sphere of Silence Practitioner is like a Clean Mirror reflecting its own Inner Light!!!

Hare Krishna!!!

About Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal, Ph.D

Founder and CEO, Life Coach and Speaker, Dr. Gazal Bansal is a

Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF), a Gold Medalist, Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (TM) & a Pranic Healer.

​As a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker, she is a radical enthusiast and a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix. She is a staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks.

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