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Dil se jab nikle ‘Maa’

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

By Shreyas Bansal

Student of Class XII,

Akshara International School, Pune

क़ुदरतें-ए-इनायत वहाँ होती हैं जहाँ माँ खुश होती हैं,

वो ज़िंदगी ही क्या जहाँ माँ ना हो, उसका प्यार ना हो क्योंकि माँ के प्यार से ही ज़िंदगी की शुरुआत होती हैं।

ज़िंदगी हर कदम पर इम्तिहान लेती हैं पर हर कोशिश तभी कामयाब होती हैं जहाँ माँ की इबादत होती हैं।

इश्क़ हज़ारों से होता हैं पर मोहब्बत तभी मुकमल होती हैं जहां माँ से शुरू होती हैं और माँ पे ही खतम होती हैं।

A Mother is every child’s first love. I am not an exception either.

Since childhood, the only face that has mesmerised me every moment is of my mother as she has been my guide, mentor, and soul mate. I have been very close to her no doubt but what cements our relationship is the trust factor we share with each other. For last sixteen years, I have been sharing everything with her without any bias, prejudice, and narrow denominators. She has been a pillar of great strength and support despite so many challenges and adverse circumstances we faced as a family. There is some strong power within her which makes our world go. She has shown remarkable resilience whenever our life has gone out of gear.

What makes our relationship more profound is the downs we have sailed through.

Despite every failed effort in her life, she has encouraged, inspired, and motivated me to work more effectively and efficiently as her mantra is of never giving up. She has been subjected to lots of traumas and tribulations at a very young age, yet she kept her demeanour high and kept growing through whatever low she was going through. I love my mother not for what she has become today but for the part she played while she was failing every time despite her best efforts.

Mom! You are a torchbearer of divine light, divine love, and power to me. I salute the divinity within you.

Your lap is the most comfortable place I find in the whole world. The moment when I enter home after a hectic day at school, the first thing I want to see is your face as my deepest desire after coming from school is to seek your affection and love for me. Your energy capitulates and I am always captivated by your powerful aura. I am so spell bounded by your energy that it automatically propels me to put my foot forward. My higher self always urges me to do my best as I want to see you the happiest as I feel that any positive transformation a child goes within, it is the most rewarding moment for a mother.

Whenever a child performs to his best possible potential, the soul of the mother feels liberated and empowered. It is the mother who nurtures and nourishes the soul of the child through her unconditional and pure love. She feeds the child’s subconscious and plants the seeds of all values and virtues her soul have been ingrained and imbibed with. She sows the seeds of love, joy, courage, kindness, compassion, and empathy in her child’s psyche so that he or she can harvest fruits of abundance, peace, prosperity, success, and happiness in their life.

The utmost joy and bliss of life is having your mother around always. Mother’s Love is the most precious and priceless blessing in life. She is the divine harbinger who weaves magic in your life and becomes a miraculous messenger in making your manifestations come true!

Let’s come together and make this week the most remarkable and memorable one as we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday!

Love you, Maa!

Shreyas Bansal

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