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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This is the second article in the current series of discover yourself!!!

In the first article we addressed, can scientist believe in God? After reading the same, now we all are on the same path that God is there who is the main source of everything what see and what we don’t. Just ask yourself a simple question that can we create a rose which is exactly equivalent to the natural rose?

Our answer would be how it can be possible? We can create an artificial rose but not the natural aura, essence and the texture. Then why do we question the existence of God? He is the true creator, designer, and controller of the entire universe. The brain is the most sophisticated and intelligent supercomputer, which is the originator of artificial intelligence. But who created it and every one of us has our own brain and we all are different and unique from each other.

There is one more wonderful example, we witness daily around us which presumably explain how wonderful and powerful creator our universe is. Moon is a satellite which revolves around earth daily at an accurate speed and distance. Just think for a minute if the moon changes its speed and comes close to us, how disastrous it would be? Not only moon if all the planets that revolve around the sun behave in a nonchalant manner, what would happen? How perfect is the arrangement of cosmos in a micro to macrosystem and how precise and accurate are the laws of the universe?

Another powerful realisation that hit during the session was that it is widely believed that the creation of the universe is the result of an explosion called big bang. But if we think logically and rationally can anything originate because of destruction or can a blast be the source of any origin?

These questions are not only thought to provoke but make us deeply realize that there is a very powerful creator behind everything in the universe and that is none other than God.

So now it’s time to discuss that as there is God then,How to get eyes to see the God!!!

Let’s start the journey of getting eyes to see the God.

There are basically 3 theories with which we can base our judgment upon and find out the absolute truth about God.

- Direct sense perception. (प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण),

- Theories based perception. (अनुमान प्रमाण),

- Hearing from bona fide authority. (शब्द प्रमाण)

Talking about the first theory that is (प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण) we can say that we humans have been blessed with amazing five senses and the sixth sense is our mind. We believe what we perceive with these five senses of ours. But another question comes into our mind, “do we have perfect senses or imperfect senses?” As our senses have certain limitations as the human eye cannot see beyond certain range and nor does the human ear can listen to.

So, what happens is we get illusions because of our imperfect senses. Because of that, we commit mistakes and there is an inherent propensity of cheating in us. So, what we can conclude is that we cannot base our judgment purely on this theory. sometimes what we are seeing is not the absolute truth as our senses are imperfect.

Here is very beautiful example with which we can understand that why we can’t rely on this method.

There is an object of knowledge and knower who is trying to understand based on their senses. e.g. elephant is the object of knowledge and knower has their senses. There are knowers who are blind with one is touching tail, other is touching its ear, then one is touching leg and one is touching different body parts of elephant and everyone is describing based on their senses. Everybody gave their perceptions as who touched the tail said that it’s a snake and who touched the leg said that it’s tree?

So with this example, we can understand that our senses are imperfect and it’s not always what we sense is absolute truth.

Talking about the second theory, we build up a hypothesis based on the knowledge acquired by direct perception. It is more of a speculative nature and we cannot completely rely upon it. Just think about the darwin theory of evolution of man where it states that the origin of human species took place from the monkeys. this theory is widely accepted and believed.

Now we need some tangible proof which should convince us this theory because assumption and imagination can’t be accepted as absolute truth. This theory is much based on speculation and hypothesis. We can’t get absolute truth this theory as well.

The third theory talks about the decency of knowledge from a bonafide authority to its disciples. The way Bhagwad Gita was explained by Lord Krishna!!!.

तेषामेवानुकम्पार्थमहमज्ञानजं तम: |

नाशयाम्यात्मभावस्थो ज्ञानदीपेन भास्वता || 11||

In this verse, Shree Krishna reveals what happens when someone receives his grace. He says that he destroys the darkness in their heart with the lamp of wisdom.

Ignorance is often symbolized as darkness, but what is this lamp of wisdom that God talks about?

Our senses, mind, and intellect are all material, while God is divine. Hence, we are unable to see him, hear him, know him, or be united with him. When God bestows his grace, he confers his divine yogmaya energy upon the soul. It is also called shuddha aattva (divine mode of goodness), which is distinct from the sattva guṇa (mode of goodness) of maya.

When we receive that shuddha sattva energy, our sense, mind, and intellect become divine as God bestows his divine senses, divine mind, and divine intellect to the soul. Equipped with these divine instruments, the soul is able to see God, hear God, know God, and be united with God.

Hence, the vedānt darśhan states: viśheṣhānugrahaśh cha (3.4.38)[v13] “only by God’s grace does one gain divine knowledge.” In this way, the torchlight that shree krishna refers to is his divine power. By the light of God’s divine power, the darkness of the material energy is dispelled.

Well relating with 3rd theory, let’s understand with the help of our present scenario.

e.g. if i want to become a doctor then whom should I approach? Medical College or Engineering College? obviously, Medical College. Now once I have selected medical college then whom should I listen. The person who is studying medical science or the person who is already qualified doctor and practicing for many years. Obviously qualified doctor who is practicing it for many years. In last, who can help me to become the doctor is bonafide personality only.

Right? same applies with our question, how to get eyes to see the God?

The only person who can help is the person who has seen the God. Now question comes that, who has seen the God?

We all know that Lord Krishna has given absolute knowledge to his devotee like Arjuna (5000 years ago), Narad Muni and like that there is absolute knowledge has been conveyed from one to other. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu conveyed that knowledge to us 500 years ago.

So, now what we can do is that we can get this knowledge and start practicing in our life and experience see what changes we are feeling in our lives. Ultimately, the world has seen enough facts that शब्द प्रमाण is the best way to get absolute truth. It has come from God and that can be the best way which can lead us towards the absolute truth.

Hare Krishna!!!

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