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Nurturing an Empowered Soul – The Beauty of Being a Girl Child

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The nation today celebrated National Girl Child Day.

An initiative much needed and required to boost the girl power. Our society is still reeling under the influence and impression of old age dogmas and doctrines favoring the need to have a boy to run the generations and carry out last rites despite the ancient vedic literature advocating that body is temporary and soul is permanent.

When nobody knows the beginning and the end of a life cycle, then differentiating and discriminating between the two genders seems unlikely and uncalled for.

The universal intelligence which created this universe does not discriminate among the two sexes, who are we then and what right do we have?

A girl is also a unique creation of the infinite intelligence and possesses all the right attributes as a human to explore, evolve and enrich herself. The idea and notion behind this discrepancy are completely biased and prejudiced. History is a living example of how the girls have outdone the boys in many fields and arenas.

The absolute bliss lies in strengthening both the genders rather than dividing them on the fictional and frivolous lines.

On this wonderful day,

1. Lets pay respect and deep reverence to all those girls which have made our nation proud and

2. Let us educate, elevate and enrich the girl child so that,

She can be a tremendous and resourceful asset to build our nation and scale the heights of its glory with her profound wisdom, deep intelligence, and sheer heroism.

Hare Krishna!!!

About Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal, Ph,D

Founder and CEO, Life Coach and Speaker, Dr. Gazal Bansal is a

Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF), a Gold Medalist, Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (TM) & a Pranic Healer.

​As a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker, she is a radical enthusiast and a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix. She is a staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks.

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