What You Reap is What You Sow, You Become What You Perceive

Updated: Sep 10, 2019


When I began my new journey as an entrepreneur, it was an uphill task and a lifetime challenge. From a naïve home-maker to a business woman was something I have never dreamt of. But the vision of being successful was more powerful. It is very easy to attract negativity and believe in it but it takes great courage and strong belief to find positivity in that negativity. Positivity negates negativity and attracts peace, prosperity, and abundance.

Life is not a bed of roses. It takes courage to define all odds and move towards the desired results. Life takes many unexpected turns and twists and during these circumstances, our course of fate is defined. BELIEF IN SELF AND BELIEF IN ALMIGHTY is what makes a difference.

‘Law of Attraction’ works in every walk of life. What you desire to become, you end up with that only. Dream big and work hard patiently, passionately and persistently to achieve that dream.

You must believe in the magic happening in your life and surrender to the almighty. Your intentions, actions, and dreams will soon manifest into reality and You might not know that you are just moments away from the magic of realizing your dreams. One day all your worries will vanish and you will be filled with the profound sense of happiness and gratitude on discovering your soul’s journey to a beautiful path.

In this New Journey of My Life, the immense learnings that I have acquired and the event that changed the course of my life, I am sharing with you all:  

  • God has stored the best for you, you must be optimistic and believe in the beauty of nature and celebrate LIFE. 

  • Believe in yourself. You are the master of your own destiny. No one can judge you or define you. Politely refuse to accept any judgments or conclusions drawn by anyone on you. The Creator has given that job to you only. You need to take charge, control and connect to your voice within.

  • Enjoy each and every moment of Life, whether it’s pressure or pleasure…!! Make excellence a habit and winning a streak. Be relentless in following your dreams and miracles do happen.

  • Be a winner and aspire to achieve more and more. Your competitors can copy your work, your style, your procedure. But, no one can copy your passion, your sincerity, your honesty.

  • Enjoy the freedom to visualize, verbalize and realize your dreams. And when you follow that, you will become more happy, joyful, cheerful, content and inspired and then the day will come when the world will realize how wrong they were about you.

  • Learn to discipline your disappointments. Pain is temporary but winning is permanent. Believe in the power of pushing, persisting and living your dreams and goals.

  • Attitude defines Life!!! You get what you attract. Be a warrior in every situation of your life and always be ready to CONQUER THE NEGATIVITY OUTSIDE BY POSITIVITY WITHIN YOU…!!!!

Hare Krishna!!!

About Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal, Ph.D

Founder and CEO, Life Coach and Speaker, Dr. Gazal Bansal is a

Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF), a Gold Medalist, Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (TM) & a Pranic Healer.

​As a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker, she is a radical enthusiast and a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix. She is a staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks.


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