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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

It was a wonderful Friday Morning and I was supposed to meet Mukund Joglekar Sir, whom I hardly knew few months back. He is a thorough gentleman with air force background and now is completely devoted to the field of competency building. He exudes amazing positive energy and is a radiating personality. Despite he himself having such vast knowledge and wisdom, he acknowledges other’s talent and appreciates them for their hidden competencies. He has been mentoring and coaching people for quite a while. It was quite a surprise when he acknowledged my unconscious competencies and ready to guide and groom me in my journey. And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. But the question is ‘Are You Ready?’

After meeting him, I just asked my husband,”Can we watch Raazi?”. To my surprise he agreed readily as he is not a movie buff.

After watching Raazi, I am not at ease. I don’t know Why? As a woman, Raazi provokes you; it provokes you to think, ponder and deliberate about your life’s journey so far. It questions you what you have been doing all these years and for whom? Are you Raazi with your decisions, your choices and your life? I don’t want to sound boorish or champion some cause here. My simple question after watching the movie to myself was "Am I contented with whatever I have done or Am I happy the way my life is shaping up after I have become Raazi with myself the way I want to live my life. Certainly No, because Raazi makes you understand life starts only after you are Raazi to live your life out of comfort zone and that too without any regrets and repentance.

Raazi is a magnum opus written and directed by Meghna Gulzar. It is not a hate or revenge story. It is a thought- provoking film with strong content and strong performances. The film is a tribute to all the unsung heroes who fought for our country. Its well-written and well-researched in such a way that every aspect regarding intelligence operations and its hardships is covered. It has a Captivating plot and is totally gripping and immersive till the end.

I was completely spellbound by the movie as it beautifully narrates the story of a young innocent Indian Muslim girl who agrees to sacrifice her life, her youth and her dreams for the sake of her motherland without a single thought.

Her love for her motherland is unbound and undeterred and is above everything else, even her own love. The sacrifices made by her are immense in the wake of protecting the integrity of her country and there is no match to her zeal and zest for the same. Her transformation from a naive damsel to a Brave-heart warrior is completely mesmerizing. What is completely commendable is the way Alia Bhatt has portrayed the character of Sehmat Khan with great ease and effortlessness. She is so charming and eloquent on the Screen that you fall in love with the character of Sehmat Khan, played by her in the movie.

After watching the movie, I am completely besotted with the character of Sehmat khan. How admiringly and elegantly she played varied roles as a woman; a dutiful daughter, an adorable wife, a daunting daughter-in-law and above else a formidable warrior. We women are blessed with a unique trait wherein we can play different roles together with great reverence. Is it so easy? No, it is not. Being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a home-maker or a professional all at one time is a marathon task. Raazi beautifully depicts all these emotions through complex and challenging situations where the protagonist herself has to witness and fight over a splurge of emotions when faced with challenging situations and to the extent even death. Of course, we cannot compare ourselves with her sacrifice as that is beyond comparison, but we can certainly learn a lot from her while juggling with various roles and carving a niche for ourselves.

What made me realize all this was because I could easily relate those emotions with my own life. Times have changed and our parents are giving their best to raise us both academically and personally. With the advent and explosion of media and technology, we can raise our bar higher to any extent. But to achieve anything nothing can replace hard work and success starts at the end of the comfort zone. Are we Raazi for that? Since the day I have donned the mantle of entrepreneurship, I have been asking these question every day to myself:

  1. Am I ready to fulfill my dreams without doubting myself?

  2. Am I ready to do hard work despite the challenges faced by me?

  3. Am I ready to conquer my fears without much thought and deliberation?

  4. Am I ready to come out of the comfort zone and build myself?

  5. Am I ready to never give up despite rejections and disappointments?

I would recommend everybody to watch this amazing movie and hereby I am sharing my personal Learnings with my fellow beings:-

  1. Doubts kills dreams. What we all do is doubt ourselves first whether we all would be able to do it or not. Limiting our own beliefs actually limits our own growth. Self – doubt is the biggest modern day malady.

  2. Negativity does not yield any positivity. How can we even think of any positive outcome when we begin with a negative mindset. Lower the thoughts, lower the energy and lower the results. Positivity only brings peace and prosperity.

  3. Healthy mind build healthy relationships. We all are too caught up in the web of complexity that we make simple relationships complex and miserable.

  4. Criticism can never be constructive. Wasting too much energy in criticizing others and even ourselves does not yield any good. If criticism gets replaced by compassion, things will turn more better and the outcome more merrier.

  5. Decisions are easy to make but sticking to them is the real courage. And Courage lies in convincing your mind that you have taken the right decision despite all failures, rejections and disappointments.

  6. The Purpose of life can only be achieved by coming out of your comfort zone. We prefer to stay through out our life in a comfort zone without realizing how suffocating it is. Procrastination is the assassination of inspiration.

  7. Continuous Learning is a key essence of Life. Learning is only possible when the power of intention is strong enough. The stronger the intent, the bigger the success.

  8. The fear of failure kills our dreams and nobody Else. Fear of failure is the biggest malady of our lives, that literally stops us from growing and moving ahead. What I can say is fuck the fears before they fuck you.

Hare Krishna!!!

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