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Jab we met soulfully

In life we meet so many people but there are only few which leave an indelible mark on our minds.

I met such a wonderful woman in my life recently and her name is Pragati Desai.

Now, what made me write about her is her selfless service and deep compassion towards others. Meeting her is quite interesting and as per the divine plan.

It was December, ’19, I was about to attend the most wonderful session of my life, The Arhatic Yoga Preparatory level. Pragati and me both are students and followers of The Pranic Healing School. We both were unknown to each other but belonged to the same center from where we had done our respective courses into Pranic healing.

As the preparatory level was going to be held in the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Ashram in Pune, our center, 'The Center for Pranic Healing Pune' was making all kind of arrangements for us to reach there safely and conveniently. And there, we (Pragati and I) came to know about each other, and the most surprising part was that we had been living in the same society for last six years. Ironically, we had never met, never seen or heard about each other before. But when we finally met through our divine spiritual school, it was nothing short of a miracle and blessing in my life.

We both are very different individualistically, yet we share a lovely and deep bond. She is a complete introvert and I am an extrovert. She shows great courage and patience while listening to my stuff and I always look forward to her pearls of wisdom. The best part about her is that she is very humble and down to earth. She has no airs at all and is always ready to help and support. She follows the teachings religiously and guide others accordingly without any reservation and inhibition. I always seek her guidance while healing others and she selflessly offers her time, service and help. And moreover, if you are passing through any challenge personally, she offers a helping hand and a calm listening mind to guide you and gives her opinions without any bias, prejudice and judgement. I feel blessed while I am in her company and yes, the connect is soulful and divine.

Through my interactions with her, I got to know many facets about her personality. She has a very profound legacy and lineage of serving the mankind as since her childhood, her parents had taught her these virtues.

She had been helping the needy silently and seldom talks about it. She is a true philanthropist but never acknowledges it owing to her wonderful upbringing and awesome grooming. More power to her as a human being and a true healer and Arhatic yogi. She has silently imbibed the true teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the revered founder of Modern Pranic Healing. She is a great spiritual practitioner as well as spiritual being.

My intent behind writing this article was to express my deep gratitude and love towards her. Sometimes we are not able to express our true feelings towards each other thinking what the other person might think of and sometimes what the society at large might think of.

It has been rightly said, ‘Sabsa bada rog, kya kahenge log’. Honestly speaking, I have wasted many precious moments of my life pondering over the same.

Today, I firmly decided to break my limiting thought pattern and come out openly and express my feelings towards a great friend, guide and a fellow traveller on the path of spiritual journey.

You might know her or not, my idea behind writing this is to say few things which I have learned so far in my journey of life:-

a) We must ‘Express our Feelings’ towards each other. Keeping them inside does no good. Let the person whom you love, know what you think about him or her. Sometimes just a simple statement, ‘I love you’ makes a big difference.

b) Enrich your ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Gratitude is a very powerful energy. By being grateful to each other, we can not only change the equation of the relationship but can cement it further into the threads of love, eternity and peace.

c) ‘Positive Emotions are Energy Boosters’. Emotions play a very vital role in developing a healthy and strong bond among human relationships. Positive emotions, be it love, compassion, joy, happiness, empathy bring great harmony and peace among a relationship.

d) ‘Communication is the lifeline’ of any relationship. Communicate your feelings and emotions and let the other person know what is going in your mind and heart. Lack of communication kills the vibrancy of the relationship. But remember the communication channels have to be loving, profound and heart-warming.

e) ‘Be caring and convey too’. You might care a lot about the person you love deeply. But convey the message too as sometimes caring alone is not enough. Sometimes conveying the same also does the magic.

f) ‘Do not shy away’. Many a times we just feel shy or inhibit ourselves in showing the real concern towards each other. Just be natural and put forward your point in a manner that the other person understands your true motives and intent behind it.

g) ‘Life is uncertain. Let’s live it the fullest’. Nature has showed us how vulnerable and fragile the life is. Nothing is permanent and we must make the most out of it. Whatever be the span of our life, we must live it fully and wholesomely. What is the use of living a life full of regrets and repentance. Let us live a life full of commitment and compassion towards each other.

In the last, I would like to say some relationships come into your life as a divine plan and give you the best lessons, reasons and occasions to live a beautiful, wonderful and blessed life. Cherish them, nurture them and nourish them with love, care, respect and deep gratitude.

Disclaimer: I have deliberately not touched the other side of the coin or the relationships which do not work or do not share any bonhomie as sometimes it feels good to write about good things only.

About the Author

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal, Ph.D is a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker. She is the founder and CEO of ‘Conscience Connect’ which aims to build up people holistically and wholesomely.

She holds Doctorate in Political Science and is an NLP Practitioner, a Pranic Psychotherapist, and an Arhatic Yogi. She is a Blogger and a prolific writer. She has co-authored and edited various books.

She writes to inspire people that deep contentment is the outcome of the passionate actions and courageous commitment towards compassion.


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