Silence is Spiritual

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Have we ever thought how spiritually stimulating silence is? Silence brings us closer to the rhythm of life and connects us back to that eternal source from where we have come and where we have to return one day. When silence is peacefully practiced, it liberates us from the present moment miseries and worries. It brings instantaneous calm, peace and serenity.

In my last articles on silence, I have discussed how silence helps, stimulates, and heals the mind and body of an Individual. Thereafter I shared with you a process wherein when silence practiced in a systematic way, yields beautiful results and help us in deep self-assessment and self-actualization. I don’t want to sound an expert on this, it is just a noble endeavor to help my fellow beings understand the beauty of this subject and unleash the true potential within. When you practice the sphere of silence, your energy starts to radiate and you will be at peace. You will be a source of strength and vitality not only to yourself but to others as well. As you will practice silence consistently, your conscience changes.

While experiencing the same, I realized that silence is supremely spiritual. Silence is a subject that transcends religion and culture. It is the universal language that simply abounds within us and once tapped into, allows us to communicate with each other and finally communicate the one above us all. Silence is a very powerful tool that helps us align ourselves towards attaining our goals, assimilating knowledge and strengthening our spiritual connections. Silence can permeate your entire being, touching and changing every aspect of your life forever. Silence connects us to the universal source of strength that throbs through every living being in the universe.

The actual essence of the silence is taking control of one’s life and listening to what your heart says. The conflict between the mind and the heart is eternal but it is the practice of silence that brings in the peace and harmony among both. If that equilibrium is balanced, the world will be a beautiful place to live in. Silence helps in harnessing the power of minds. Every time you practice silence, you compete against yourself, and with every practice, you raise your level of competence. Your vision will become clear only when you can look inside your heart. He who looks inside, the perception awakens and with it comes to the confidence, the charisma, and the clarity.

Silence helps you in reconnecting with yourself. Sometimes silence brings us to the turning point in our lives. The silence of the mind unleashes a profound power within you and it can empower you beyond your wildest dreams. Solitude helps in bringing the inner power to the fore. It cultivates inner strength and power and that is what effective leadership is all about. Silence, when practiced diligently, does bring enduring success.

Silence is the best medicine for a weak mind. It cures you and It also helps to improve upon you. You can be your greatest enemy or greatest friend. The choice lies with you. There is no place for anger and ego in strong minds. Practicing the sphere of silence instills in us the detachment. Silence does not control anger but it detaches you from it, giving you a breathing space to deal with it. By going deep into the silence inside you, no matter how arrogant or egotistical you are, you will have a hard time getting angry. You can actually find yourself stepping back and laughing, saying,”I am angry but why?”

Silence frees us from what people think of us, how they judge us, and what they say to us. It is true that the more negative judgments people have on us, the more we feel drain from their words. Your power comes from your belief. If that belief is weakened or crushed by other people’s disbelief and failures, then so will your power and sanity. Be silent of your powers. Be silent of your gifts. By being silent about our personal practices to people who do not align with us vibrationally, it will make us much freer of needless words that do not help. If the word is more powerful than the sword, then every word that we speak must be of value. It is not the word itself, but the intent behind it. Our words must have value but it is the silence between them that adds value to our words.

When your conscience is troubled, you cannot be at peace. In silence, we are stripped of all distractions. Once we are at peace with silence, we find that silence welcomes reflection in ourselves and healing comes when we can reflect within our deeper selves. When we bring silence into the conversation, we experience spirituality, then words no longer matter, and we have peace within ourselves. This is the real aim of the sphere of silence: to begin to know the self. To know oneself is the journey, to master oneself is the destination. One has to be spiritually and mentally balanced in an egoless state. This allows us to see the order in chaos and chaos in order.  Only you can create yourself by following the path of knowledge duty and devotion. All answers lie within you, you must seek better questions. Disciplining your mind is the only remedy for all your ailments.

Remember these points while practicing sphere of silence…

  1. Supreme silence never focuses on evil, negative thinking, or self-deprecation. It just connects to the present and rests in undisturbed tranquility. It reflects on the past, not with apprehension, but only with appreciation. It breathes in and out deeply with gratitude, as it extracts the wisdom trapped in its past and connect with the calmness, beauty and positive energy of the present moment.

  2. True silence imagines the future with delightful anticipation. It visualizes all its desires and aspirations as the already taken place. It enjoys the great feelings of all his dreams in their fully completed states.

  3. True silence is energy. It pulls you into the depth of your being. It moves you into the place of robust self-awareness – a unique kind of self-evaluation process which you can never get in any other environment.

In the end, I would like to say it was an honest attempt to bring to the fore what magic silence can do in our lives. I have experienced it personally and realize that when you experience silence, you become more content and peaceful. Your energies get channelized and you become a better communicator to the self and to the outside world. Silence is sometimes more rewarding than the spoken words as:

  1. Silence brings reflection.

  2. Spirituality speaks in silence.

  3. Silence can make you feel less stressed, more focused and more creative.

  4. Silence helps you in reviewing your own thought process.

  5. Silence helps in retrospection.

  6. Silence heightens sensitivity.

  7. Silence is relaxing and liberating.

Hare Krishna!!!

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