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The Secret to Happiness

By Chetan Bansal and Gazal Bansal

Atma Namaste!!!

Life is a continuous learning process and each phase of life whether good or bad teaches us not only profound lessons but also gives us such experiences which remain etched on our memory screens throughout our life. Such is my journey into healing sciences and alternate well-being methodologies. Pranic healing came into our life as a blessing in disguise and changed our overall perspective towards life. The universal teachings propagated by our revered Guru Master Choa Kok Sui has completely transformed our life and has also established a strong belief in ourselves.

For the last couple of years, our life has been a roller coaster ride. What we have experienced in these years, we had never imagined in our wildest dreams but because of our association with The Centre for Pranic Healing, we could stay grounded and stable. Otherwise we would have lost faith not only in ourselves but also in the humanity. The innumerable workshops and the regular nurturing sessions conducted by the Centre serve as an Arclight in the storms of life, specially the full moon meditations.

This year, when the first session happened in January, it was an amazing one, where our instructor Ms. Leena Khanke had talked on Planning 2020 - the Pranic Way. She had wonderfully crafted her session on the lines of the teachings of Master Choa and narrated the importance of planning in our lives. She explained with great simplicity as to how we can grow abundantly with a planned and disciplined way at all the levels be it physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. Though we have all heard, learnt and worked on planning in our personal and professional lives but understanding planning via Pranic way was quite interesting and overwhelming. It was an eyeopener that how with the use of energy sciences, one can plan one’s life and get desired results.

The next session took place on 9th February 2020. The theme of the session was ‘The Secrets to Happiness. The session started with a very powerful message, ‘If you want to experience divinity within you, see the divinity in others.’

Happiness is the key ingredient to a successful life. The irony of human life is we measure success in terms of only materialistic pursuits but not in terms of pure joy and bliss. Money is very important, but it is a hard fact that money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Despite being low in materialistic terms, many people remain happy whereas there are many others who have everything in their life, they still remain unhappy. Most of us either live in our past or worry about future but forget to live in the NOW. It is here the misery starts. We are too bothered about what we have and what we do not have but seldom are grateful for every single breath we take which is full of life and life force. Being alive every morning is a miracle and we should be grateful for it every moment.

To be happy, we must experience internal calmness and stillness by keeping negativity at the bay; be it negative thoughts, negative deeds and negative actions. We must remember the key words, ‘Like energy attracts like energy.’ We normally seek happiness in the outer world, forgetting that it is the inner world that matters the most. It is here we falter. Accepting the situation as it is might be a difficult task, but the reality is ‘Acceptance’ is the first step towards seeking happiness. The more we live in the NOW, the merrier our life will be. It is not a day’s task but requires a great effort and practice which ultimately leads to responses in life and not reactions. Constant efforts are to be carried out at the various levels of life. Be it: -


‘Too err is human’ is a profound reality which we forget but it is in the process of making mistakes, we learn and evolve. The real essence of the evolution lies not in repeating the mistake but rather reflecting on the whole process and thereby creating an opportunity out of it. Personal development must be the fundamental priority in life in order to achieve a sense of self-esteem and confidence, thereby gaining peace and harmony within not without.

Skill development and enhancement must be the topmost agenda in life so that there is great scope of improving one’s life holistically and wholesomely. The reality is if you cannot do it for yourself, you cannot do it for others even. Apart from working on the self, character building is highly important. Real evolution happens with following a strong value system and thereby constantly reflecting and reviewing upon the same. And then finally making a firm resolution to correct the unwanted self intrinsically. Remember there is nothing wrong in admitting one’s own flaws and working upon them. You know yourself the best, and you are your own creator and the architect of your own destiny.

The irony is that as we grow in life, we tend to forget the child within. Keep the child within alive and each day pamper that child within so that the blissful and joyful state remains intact. Pledge to be a better person every day and honestly a small improvement every day can compound to a significant resilience of mind, body and soul to all kinds of negativity.

Initiating small steps such as waking up little early, going for a walk or some physical exercise, reading a good self-help book, doing meditation, expressing gratitude and practicing forgiveness can lead us to a constructive path which can complement our happiness quotient. What I mean to say is mental and emotional hygiene is equally important as physical hygiene.

Relationship - Family and Social

We live in a sea of relationships, it could be our family, friends, colleagues, relatives, social media friends etc. Expecting from everybody without giving back never leads to happiness, rather creates misery. It is by expressing gratitude that we receive happiness. A conscious evaluation on our relationships on a defined interval aids in deep bonding. Complaining and cribbing never helps in maintaining healthy relationships, rather it leads to their stagnation.

Relationships are the crux of life and healthy relationships add both fervor and vigor to it. The more we are open and giving in a relationship, the stronger the bond will be. Relationships add beauty to life and let the relationships prosper with warmth, care and respect towards each other.


It is said that Money is the source of happiness, but money alone can’t buy happiness. People with huge bank balances experience the lack of happiness in today’s word as they have not grown spiritually. In this fast age, the simple mantra is to be first satisfy yourself with what you have, appreciate what you have and aspire for more. Blessing your investment gives a consistent healing to them and enable them to grow with time.

The constant unhappiness happens when we are not connected to our higher self or when we don’t work the way our soul has planned its purpose of coming to this planet. Asking the God for guidance everyday by building strong spiritual connection helps us to connect ourselves with our higher self. Life is a maze of up and downs. We do experience downs in our life as it is the law of nature that what goes up, comes down also. But if something is built with honesty and integrity or we can say that if foundations are strong, if the structures falls also, it can be rebuilt again. When you experience a low, tell yourself that everything is subject to change, nothing lasts forever and moreover, life is meant to be live fully not partially.

These teachings are not new. They have been with us for times immemorial, but we forget them as we get engrossed in our daily lives and chores. Ms. Leena Khanke remarkably reinforced these valuable values and teachings of life again in an admiringly beautiful way and that too the Pranic way. The best part is Pranic Healing not only acquaints you with goodness of life but also gives you tools and techniques to reinforce the same. Knowing is good but without doing, knowing is of no use.

After the session, a group meditation on one of the most powerful Mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hun’ was held. It energized the whole environment and significantly raised the collective consciousness as well.

After that, great insights were shared on the pilot project undertaken by the centre called, ‘Ek Muthi Anaj’. The team identifies the poor people who are in the dire need and are starving for food. Then with the help of the volunteers, grains are collected and distributed among the chosen families. But here lies the remarkable difference. The families when given grains are made to do ‘Twin Heart’ Meditation. The intent behind the project is not to make them dependent but self-reliant. Creating an awareness among them through the Spiritual teachings and making them understand the importance of livelihood is the chief aim behind the noble and charitable cause.

If my write-up touched your heart and inspired you in some way or you want to know more about the beautiful world of Pranic Healing, you are most welcome to talk to us on our number 9910047147.

Hare Krishna!!

Dr. Gazal & Chetan Bansal

(Featured Image by Robert Karkowski from Pixabay)

About the Authors

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal, Ph.D is a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker. She is the founder and CEO of ‘Conscience Connect’ which aims to build up people holistically and wholesomely. She holds Doctorate in Political Science and is an NLP Practitioner, a Pranic Psychotherapist, and an Arhatic Yogi. She is a Blogger and a prolific writer. She has co-authored and edited various books. She writes to inspire people that deep contentment is the outcome of the passionate actions and courageous commitment towards compassion.

Mr. Chetan Bansal is a senior corporate executive-turned social entrepreneur. Interestingly, after being deeply inspired by alternate well-being methodologies, he delved into the world of energy sciences with an intent to create a confluence of both the inner world and the outer world. A strong believer in the philosophy of Karma and is working towards creating a niche for himself in the world of Pranic healing as an advance healing practitioner. A life coach and a business developer with expertise in the financial arena is also the co-founder of ‘Conscience Connect’ which aims to build up people holistically and wholesomely. He is a Finance Management Graduate with 15 Years of Experience in the Industry. He loves designing websites and is passionate about social media marketing.


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