When We Met Muniba Mazari!!!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

My recent visit to Malaysia for attending the business conference organized by my company’s parent group gave me an opportunity to meet and listen to Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani Artist, Writer, and a Motivational Speaker. She also serves as the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and Brand Ambassador for Rhythm Foundation of QI group.

Muniba Mazari met with an unfortunate car accident nine years ago which left her paralyzed forever. But as a true warrior, she decided to fight back and rise like a phoenix. She capitalized on her inner strength by choosing art as a way to break free from the fetters of her physical disability and transcend into the vibrant world of her dreams. Her paintings are not merely paintings, they depict her life story and speak of the mental and physical agony she went through. Life left her crippled but she courageously conquered the world through her undying spirit and mental strength.

She left a very deep impact on my life and has become a role model. Listening to her made me realize that how mentally strong a woman can be. Her courage, grit, and determination to fight all her fears and oddities are just mind-boggling. Instead of being drowned by her sorrows, she converted all her miseries into abundant joys. The essence of her beauty lies in her inner strength, willpower and never give up attitude. The man who married her instead of taking care of her when she needed him the most fled and how bravely she texted him and congratulated him on his next marriage. When the doctor told her that she can never become a mother, she went ahead and adopted a child and now is the best mother.

During her ordeal, when she was fighting to get up from the bed, she overcame the fear of talking to people by talking to herself first and then motivating herself to motivate others to rise and conquer the world. A fearless woman with limitless potential who has surpassed all the difficulties to attain her inner peace is something to be learned from. The ease with which she moves on a wheelchair and inspires others to rise and bravely face the world is truly amazing and heart-warming.

After listening to her, I felt so little and incomplete. She is a woman in its truest sense. As a human being, we continue to complain and crib over problems which never exist physically but are the manifestations of our mind.  They are just our mental blocks which we cherish for ages and blame others for stopping our growth. We continue to find superheroes in other people instead of looking within ourselves. The moment we start, we decide to look the God within ourselves, we get to the path on achieving our own well-being.

God has created a Master Plan for everybody and we have to overcome all the challenges by keep smiling all the way.  Whatever comes your way always changes things for the better.


‘You are the Hero of your own life story and Heroes Never Give Up!’


GET UP AGAIN becomes the Sole Mantra and DO IT NOW becomes the way of Life. 

Hare Krishna!!!

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Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal, Ph.D

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