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Who Am I: A Rendezvous with Aashwasan

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Who am I, Has this question ever bothered you?

I don’t know about others but yes definitely it is my inner quest to know who I am. Life goes in cycles. There is a time to do certain things, and then there is a time to move on. But do we ever take a pause and ponder for who we are and for what purpose we are here. How many of us love to spend time with our own selves? Probably few of us. It does not mean that we don’t love ourselves or don’t enjoy our company. The point here is that in this mad rush for survival, we tend to forget ourselves. We are too busy in the rut and gut that life throws at us, we seldom find time to have a look at us and spend some quality time with our own selves.

We are not wrong as such because we have been conditioned, programmed and trained that way as our survival instinct is more profound than our spiritual instinct. But somewhere down the stages of life, we do reach a point where we really want to know our real self and real worth.

Life is a teaser. It experiments with us, it explores us, it makes us, or it breaks us. But all depends on us how we take life and the challenges it throws at us. I have realized the same when gone through different roles and respective experiences in my life. As women, we play multifarious roles in our lives, teaching us a different lessons every time. Some lessons are easy to imbibe, and some are learned the hard way. But every lesson teaches you something and casts an influence on you; good or bad. I have realized this when I switched roles from being a homemaker to an entrepreneur.

The journey of an entrepreneur is like a forlorn traveler carrying a pot of gold, looking for a hidden oasis in a deep desert, without realizing that the real oasis lies within, not outside. I experienced the same until I met my Guru who took me out of the darkness and brought me into the light. There and then my journey to financial and spiritual quest started. As it is rightly said when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The more I started looking for answers, the more the questions appeared. I got a call from Vidya Venkatesh, a healing practitioner and a close associate of Rashmi Aiyappa from Bangalore. She invited me to a special session conducted by Aashwasan in Pune for the first time.

Aashwasan is a Spiritual Science Organization, based in Bangalore that brings in the knowledge of lifeforce mechanism and timeless phenomenon to transform lives. Aashwasan Foundation was founded by Rashmi Aiyappa in 2006.

She has devised various tools and techniques using her inborn knowledge to transform lives and re-engineer the life processes. It happens by connecting the physical self with the infinite self and thus bringing in the holistic well being at physiological, psychological and spiritual levels.

I along with my husband and some very close family associates attended their session in Pune recently. It was a complete magic for all of us. We were spellbound by Rashmi Aiyappa’s persona and for me, it was a complete reinforcement of the beliefs I have been carrying because of the extensive study for last six months.

Rashmi Aiyappa’s Session was all about, ‘You, You and You’. Everything begins with you and ends with you. Every change first starts with you and every beginning begins within you. That day, during her session I had a rendezvous with myself. I realized my own value which we seldom do. Is it so difficult to appreciate and love your own self? This question has always bothered my mind.

Rashmi Aiyappa’s session was divided into two parts.

The first session was interactive and completely mind-blowing and empowering. There was an awesome and well-trained team of Rashmi Aiyappa to assist and guide us on everything. The theme of the session was beautifully titled as ‘Transforming Lives: Connecting Souls’.

When Rashmi Aiyappa entered the hall, there was a deep radiance penetrating and she seemed to be the source of all-pervading energy. The first thing which she said was Marvelous, “I am not here to teach you anything rather I am here to learn from you as life is a continuous learning process and we all here are students.” Then she asked us to open ourselves and say whatever we feel and think. Let it be the journey of exploration of mind and soul. The best impartation happens only when one is open-minded and receptive. There were around 30 people in the room and everybody was curious and eager to know many answers to those questions which were unanswered and bothered to in their respective minds.

The aura was exceptionally sublime, serene and calm. The wonderful team of healing practitioners who had come along with Rashmi Aiyappa had organized everything with great fervor. One of her associates Maithali apprised us that Rashmi Aiyappa has coined two new techniques in healing patients with chronic diseases. Rashmi Aiyaapa clearly stated that ‘DISEASES ARE NOT NATURAL’. All diseases are the physical manifestations of the problems at the mental level. There is a deep connection between the mind, body, and soul which we tend to overlook.

The real problem lies in a lack of awareness and darkness of ignorance. She simply stated, “SPIRITUALITY IS ALL ABOUT SELF – AWARENESS”. She gave a beautiful analogy of the MAIN SWITCHBOARD OF ELECTRICITY. If the main board is disabled, nothing will work right how grand it be. Similarly, if our mind is not connected with our body and soul, nothing will work for ourselves too. And if we are not connected to the source of our origin, that is the UNIVERSAL MIND, we will not be at peace, harmony, and happiness.

My biggest realization was when we are not connected to the Source of Divinity, we face all kind of challenges in our lives, be it personal, financial, social, and professional. Her main point was staying honest to yourself and to the source from which you have emanated, everything will be great in life.

After the tea break, the second session was the ZERO FREQUENCY HEALING SESSION. It was completely out of the world experience and I was completely spellbound by it. The way the hall was candle-lit and energized gave complete solace and sublimity to the senses. What happened next was totally magical and mystical. By telling the details, I don’t want to ruin you of the feel which you might experience if you happen to attend the same. As Rashmi Aiyappa firmly believes that nothing happens without a cause and if you happen to read this article, then there must be some purpose behind it. During the session, we were asked to close our eyes and connect with our higher selves. Those moments were so exceptional and empowering. I went into a deep stage of meditation and I could feel a strong electric current flowing through my body. It was so energetic.

After the session was over, Rashmi Aiyappa started interacting with the attendees. First, I was a little reluctant to ask her anything, but a strong force pushed me, and I went towards her. She was completely ecstatic while talking to all the people encircling her and asking all sorts of questions related to various diseases. That moment a great realization descended on me that how blessed I am that I am not suffering from any critical ailment or chronic disease.

Then finally the moment came when I introduced myself to her and what she said was completely out of the blue. She said, “Such a different name. Whosoever has kept your name, there must be a deeper purpose behind it. You are meant to be different”. I was just Awestruck. Then she said Aashwasan does not come to anybody, it comes to somebody with a strong purpose behind it.

And the words which she spoke thereafter sill echo in my mind,


What should I say more? For me, those words were Absolutely Astounding and Soul Stirring.

What I would like to conclude is that: –

  1. Self-Belief is the supreme.

  2. Self – Awareness is the true essence of Spirituality.

  3. The Disease is all in the mind.

  4. Staying Connected to the source of divinity is the real salvation.

  5. Doubts kill dreams.

I would like to ask you my Dear Friends Have you also felt the same need to explore the different dimensions prevalent in this beautiful universe? And Does the inner quest to spirituality also bother you? Do you also feel the need to know more about you?

The answers to these questions are all here, we just need to Believe and explore more. If you need any help, please feel free to connect.

Hare Krishna!!!

About Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal, Ph.D

Founder and CEO, Life Coach and Speaker, Dr. Gazal Bansal is a

Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF), a Gold Medalist, Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (TM) & a Pranic Healer.

​As a spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker, she is a radical enthusiast and a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix. She is a staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks.

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